Just as a guide we pulled together what a typical week in the paradise that is St Martin might look like



  • 2 pm arrive at sxm (St Martin airport), get rental car, go to Oyster pond, arrive at Fiddlers Green villa
  • 3:30 unpack,
  • 4:30 go to grocery store,
  • 6:30 have a drink on deck, watch sun set
  • 7:00 pick up pizza from Mama’s Pizza in Oyster Pond, or sit at counter and watch world pass at restaurant

  • 10:00 am drive to Mullet Beach
  •  lunch in cooler
  • walk out on the old board walk and look at fishes (we once found a star fish on this beach)
  • 2:30 pm go to Sunset Bar at end of runway and watch planes, maybe go next door to Bliss and use pool.  Check out Bamboo Bernies
  • 4 pm home shower, nap, drinks
  • 7 pm dinner at Fiddler's Green villa, Oyster Pond

  • 10:00 am drive to Orient Beach (the most famous naturalist resort in the Caribbean is at the east end)
  • Lunch on beach at restaurant (take your pick – this is the French side and there are tons)           
  • walk beach (is about 2 miles long and a nice beach walk)
  • 3:00 home for shower
  • 4 pm go to Phillipsburg to wander through shops and along boardwalk, get Coconut pooh candy from lady on Back Street in front of Penneys Dept store
  • 6 pm walk to the Greenhouse restaurant at end of boardwalk, have happy hour and snacks (conch fritters!)
  • 8 pm Fiddlers Green villa, Oyster pond

  • 10:00 drive to Karakter Beach on west end Simpson Bay
  • lunch at Karakter Beach Bar
  • 3 pm stop in Phillipsburg at Rima for touristy stuff and Cost U Less missing groceries
  • 4 pm home
  • 6:30 dinner and street festival in Grand Case

  • 6am to Marigot to get fish from fisherman market (take cooler with ice)
  • 7:00am have breakfast at French café (La Sucerie) in Margot
  • 8:30 home to put fish in refrigerator
  • 9:30 am Dawn Beach
  • 1 pm go to pool at Westin for swim and lunch by pool
  • 4pm home, shower, nap
  • 6 pm drinks on deck to watch sunset
  • 7 pm fish dinner at Fiddler's Green villa, Oyster Pond

  • 9:00 drive to marina in Oyster Pond and take ferry to St. Barth’s
  • rent car and drive around St. Barth’s, have lunch, go to beach
  • 5 pm return to Captain Oliver’s, stay for Pour Your Own happy hour at Dingy Dock
  • Eat snacks at Dingy Dock for dinner
  • 7 pm home
  • 9 pm gambling at Westin

  • 10:00 am drive to Baie Rouge
  • 1 pm lunch at Laylas on beach in Sandy Ground
  • 3 pm check out stores in Marigot
  • 5 pm home, shower, nap
  • 7 pm dinner at Big Fish at Dawn Beach

  • 8 am pack
  • 9 am Dawn Beach
  • 11:30 home, shower, lunch
  • 12:30 drive to airport
  • 3 pm fly home from sxm


Honorable mention goes to:


Go to Pinel Island for day Go to Anguilla for day Take afternoon excursion on the Lord Sheffield Pirate ship (owned by a Canadian from Halifax, the boat is a concrete boat built in Montreal) Go to lunch at La Samana (my spoiled son’s favorite hamburger, only $18!!!!) Really shop in Marigot Go for a sunset sail Go for a sail on a 10 meter (there are two America’s Cup yachts here that you can sail on) Go ocean fishing Go snorkeling Buy jewelry in Philipsburg Go to the Butterfly farm Go to Galion Beach for lunch and windsurfing or kite sailing Go to Great Bay to jet ski Go to the Carousel for ice cream


Each trip to St Martin is unique, with new things to do each time you visit. What will your visit look like?